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RRP: £39.00
Sale Price: £24.99 inc VAT
Order Code: BUK-ET3740
  • Supports TV's from 17" to ...
  • Fully VESA compliant (Up ...
  • Bracket depth: 26mm ...
  • Bracket tilt: 15 degrees ...
  • Bracket material: Durable ...
  • Maximum load capacity: 25 ...
Score: 5 Based on 36 reviews.

RRP: £119.00
Sale Price: £89.99 inc VAT
Order Code: BUK-ITB600B
  • Supports TV's from 40" to ...
  • Bracket depth: 50mm ...
  • Bracket extension: 500mm ...
  • Bracket tilt: 10 degrees ...
  • Bracket rotation: 160 deg ...
  • Maximum load capacity: 45 ...
Score: 5 Based on 22 reviews.

RRP: £89.00
Sale Price: £69.99 inc VAT
Order Code: BUK-LCD109M
  • Supports TV's from 37" to ...
  • Bracket depth: 85mm ...
  • Bracket extension: 575mm ...
  • Bracket tilt: 15 degrees ...
  • Bracket rotation: 180 deg ...
  • Maximum load capacity: 50 ...
Score: 5 Based on 15 reviews.

TV Bracket Bargains - Free Delivery On Everything!

As the UK's leading TV bracket specialist we ship thousands of television and monitor wall mounts every month to happy customers throughout the United Kingdom. We promote cheap prices to all our customers without sacrificing quality - Our superb range of products features only the best steel wall brackets, each promising years of zero-maintenance use and reliability.

All TV Wall Mounts in Stock!
Wall mounting your television or monitor has never been easier. We stock a bracket for every requirement - Flat tv brackets, tilting tv mounts and cantilever television brackets for a range of screen sizes. Our wall mounts are perfect for use with any flatscreen HD TV whatever the technology - LCD, Plasma, LED or 3D. You can also use our brackets to work with any of the leading manufacturers; Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Hitachi, Bush, Toshiba and Sharp.

FREE UK Delivery on Everything!
We offer free delivery on everything and all items you see are stocked and ready to send meaning you will have your television on the wall in no time. We have an excellent after sales service, hassle-free returns policy and will even prompt you for your feedback after your have purchased as we are constantly striving to improve our service - which is regarded very highly by our customers.

TV Brackets by Size

15" to 23" Television Brackets

TV Mounts for 15" to 23" TV's.
Starting from just £10.00.

24" to 32" Television Brackets

TV Mounts for 24" to 32" TV's.
Starting from just £10.00.

33" to 70" Television Brackets

TV Mounts for 33" to 70" TV's.
Starting from just £10.00.

SUPER SLIM Wall Mounts

These brackets are designed for
minimum depth. From just 26mm!

TV Brackets by Type

Flush Fitting TV Brackets

Designed to sit perfectly flush
against any wall.

Tilting TV Brackets

Designed to tilt 10/15° for perfect
viewing at any height.

Tilt & Swivel TV Brackets

Designed to tilt & rotate for
use in larger rooms.

Cantilever TV Brackets

Perfect for when you wish to put
the TV out of view when not in use.

Ceiling Pole Mounts

For use in a commercial setting,
hang your TV from the ceiling.

Desk Mounts

Need more space in your office?
These brackets are the solution.

TV Brackets by Brand


Manufactured by Rydale TV Mounts.

Value Range

Manufactured by Value TV Mounts.

Other Products

Cable Trunking

Hide your cables for a perfect
installation. *Limited availability

HDMI Cables

Get the best picture possible
with a high quality HDMI cable.

DVD Mounts

Our DVD mounts support DVD
players, PS3, Xbox 360 & more.

VESA Adapter Plates

Increase support for your old bracket
with a VESA adapter.

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