Can I mount my TV to a stud wall?

Posted by admin on 17/10/2013

A stud wall - or 'false wall' - is an internal, non-load bearing wall which is usually timber framed and covered in plasterboard. It’s often asked whether heavy hanging objects such as flat screen televisions are able to be hung securely from such walls, due to stud walls' typically weak nature.

The short answer is 'yes', although there are a couple of specific tools necessary to complete the job, so do check that you have the right equipment before taking to the tool box.

Firstly, it's important to ensure that you purchase a television wall hanging bracket which is designed for use on stud walls. When you’ve decided where you want to hang the television, locate two vertical studs within the wall that correspond to the holes in the bracket, as these are the strongest part of the stud wall. You may find it useful to use an electric stud finding device to find the vertical studs.

TIP: In most modern houses in the UK, vertical slats can be found 11" to 13" apart, and are typically 2+ to 3" wide. Use this information as a guide.

Another way to mount a flat screen television onto a wall is by using plasterboard anchor bolts - also known as 'hollow wall anchors' - which screw into plasterboard walls to create a secure and stable point from which to attach the hanging bracket. This is a useful option if you are having difficulty locating vertical studs, or if the studs don't align with where you want to hang the television, for example in the centre of the room. Ensure that the wall anchors are durable enough to withstand the considerable weight of your television prior to hanging.

For a video on how to install hollow wall anchors, please see this video: