Create Extra Seasonal Space with Brackets UK

Posted by admin on 27/11/2013

With Christmas just around the corner, people are busy sprucing up their homes for the extended holiday visiting period. Many are choosing to buy new televisions, which after all is one of the focal points of the festive season.

Some want to upgrade their television to the latest model available today, including 3D, while others are more interested in the largest flatscreen they can get their hands on. Whatever the case, these new televisions and their stands can take up a lot of precious space in the living room when many people are coming visiting and you need room for presents and areas for children to play.

It makes sense, therefore, to mount your TV on the wall with Brackets UK, keeping it out of the way while positioning the TV at the best possible viewing level.

If you're unsure what kind of bracket to buy, an innovative Bracket Finder on our website simply tells you - all you have to do is select your TV's manufacturer, screen size and model number.

We are offering huge seasonal savings and free delivery on all brackets until January, with all types available and at prices to suit everyone.

Some people choose to have their television fixed flat to the wall while others like to have it on an arm known as a cantilever, which allows the TV to be pulled away from the wall, into the room and positioned to suit any seating arrangement. All are available at Brackets UK.

Thanks to its wide range of brackets, low prices and solid customer service, Brackets UK has become the leader in the sector, shipping thousands of wall mounts to customers around the UK every month.

Make your house a bigger home this Christmas by installing your television on a wall bracket and ensuring there’s extra room for all the seasonal activities. Now that’s a happy Christmas!