Fixed VESA vs. Universal Brackets

Posted by admin on 24/04/2013

What Does VESA Mean?
Whilst looking at brackets or selecting your TV you will likely come across the word 'VESA' which stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. The standards provide specific guidelines for the mounting hole configurations on the back of the TV. This includes hole spacing and placement as well as screw size, all based on the screen and weight.

If you look on the back of your flat screen television, you will see there are four mounting holes for the brackets. The VESA measurement is the industry standard distance in mm between the four holes. A VESA 100 x 100 means that the holes are positioned 100mm apart, horizontally and vertically, a VESA 400 x 200 would be 400mm apart horizontally and 200mm vertically. A universal TV bracket is fully adjustable to support any TV within the recommended screen sizes that it is being advertised for - whether they are VESA compatible or not. Universal brackets will support LCD, LED and Plasma televisions, regardless of the manufacturer.

Should I Buy A Universal TV Bracket?
Buying a universal TV bracket is a worry free option for those wishing to mount their flat screen television. There is no need to take down measurements. These wall mounts generally cost very little extra compared to the fixed size units. Many people opt for the universal option as they see it as an investment: Your television, like all technology will age and will need replacing in time; your TV bracket on the other hand is built to last. It is a secure metal fixing which won't need changing. Many people when upgrading buy larger screens, so even if your TV is ok for use with a smaller fixed VESA bracket, your next one might not be. So opting for universal brackets upfront is future proof - you won't have to uninstall your current bracket, order and pay for a new one and have it refitted. Think ahead and save time and money. Not only will this bracket fit with your current TV, it will also fit with your next one, be it LCD, Plasma, LED, 3D... Samsung, Panasonic, Hitachi... The choice is yours.

Does A Universal TV Bracket Fit ALL Screen Sizes?
No, the VESA measurement and the screen measurement are different things. However, a universal TV bracket is adjustable whereas a fixed bracket is not. The universality applies to the screen size that they are advertised for. For example, our Value Large Flat Bracket: 32" to 65" can be adjusted to fit all screen sizes within this range, regardless of their Vesa measurement. Should you have a 42" plasma and you are considering upgrading to a larger screen in the future, but don't know which make or style you'll go for, then buying a universal bracket is logical and cost effective. They are available as flat, tilting or cantilever products and they are easily identified by the tall vertical arms featuring many holes.

What Do Fixed VESA Brackets Offer?
The fixed brackets still have their place and offer their own set of advantages. They can be slimmer in design which will allow your TV will be mounted closer to the wall. They tend to be cheaper too! Each fixed plate usually supports a range of VESA TV's usually up to a maximum of VESA 200 x 200 which is by far the most popular on any screen up to and including 37". So if you are a shopper looking for a slim wall bracket on a budget these may well be the choice for you.