The Best TV Brackets For Corner Mounting

Posted by admin on 23/04/2013

Time to pimp up your plasma? Show case your Sony? Or just create more space in your living room? Corner mounting your flat screen TV is a stylish, yet cheap and practical way of presenting your television.

Many people wish to mount their TV in the corner of their room to allow a good viewing angle whilst keeping the TV in a discreet position when not being used. This is an ideal way of utilising an otherwise redundant corner and therefore freeing up space in your living area. Not only does is look good, it is also a safe way of keeping your expensive new LCD, Plasma or LED screen out of the reach of little fingers!

Tilt and swivel TV brackets also ideal for commercial use as well as in the home. The articulated arm allows maximum viewing potential for your clients and colleagues. The swing arm also makes it ideal for classroom use. What's more, the tilt and swivel motion means you have more freedom and choice in the layout of your living/work area. Let the screen come to you; not the other way round. Corner mounting your television monitor also means your walls are still free for the all important pictures, mirrors and canvases which are often compromised when hanging TV's on a main wall. Everybody's happy!

How do I choose a bracket for corner mounting?
Cantilever brackets feature articulated arms to allow full motion with vertical tilt and swivel which enables you to pull the the television away from the wall and move it into the exact position you require, including mouting the screen in the corner of the room at a 45 degree angle. The choice of brackets we offer means that finding the perfect wall mount for your plasma is easy; we offer TV brackets from 10 to 70 inches and support all brands from Samsung to Sony, Panasonic to Philips. Your flat screen TV could be mounted in the corner of your room quicker than you think! Specifically for flat screen TVs, these brackets are suitable for plasma, LCD, LED and 3D TV's and monitors. If you have an old CRT TV sitting on a platform... maybe it's time for a high definition upgrade!

What is VESA and do I need to know?
VESA is the measurement in mm between the four mounting holes on the back of your TV, so a VESA 200 x 200 means the mounting holes are positioned 200mm apart horizontally and vertically. You will find purchasing your television much easier if you have this measurement ready. If you are unsure, you could contact us directly for a recommendation, use our "bracket finder", or opt for one of our universal mounts. These are fully adjustable and support many different hole configurations.