TV Brackets in Black, Silver or White

Posted by admin on 28/05/2010

Throughout our years selling TV wall brackets, we have often being asked whether or not we stock our items in more then one colour. Surprising as it may seem, we once had a customer who wanted an Orange tv bracket to fit in with his kids “Fun Room”! Being as committed to customer services as we are, we actually managed to create this product just for him!

2 years ago, our entire range was available in Silver, infact we had next to nothing available in black. It was only when we placed a test order with a new supplier that we received our first batch of brackets in black. Perhaps it was customer demand, or perhaps just a change in the industry, but as soon as we changed our product images to the black version, we saw an instant increase in sales. Around the same time, Samsung, Panasonic and LG started mass-producing their range in black as a pose to silver. This only increased the requirement for black tv brackets as aesthetically the silver lines did not look right.

Now in 2010, we sell nothing in silver. Our entire range comes in black, and i personally can not remember the last time we were asked for anything different. If you do require a bracket in Silver, or White, we are able to source them for you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.