Which TV Bracket?

Posted by admin on 30/03/2010

Not sure which TV bracket you need?

There are 2 main questions that could influence your purchasing decision, the first of which we are going to cover here.

Question: What functionality do i require from my TV bracket?

Knowing exactly what you want your TV bracket to do makes a big difference in choosing a TV wall bracket. Do you want it to sit flush? tilt? Swivel left and right or maybe you want it to come away from the wall and move to your desired position?

Either way, there are plenty of options available online, a few of which are below.

Flush TV Brackets
These brackets sit perfectly flush to the wall, they do not move at all. Depending on the cables at the back of your TV, you should have a rough idea of how much clearance you need between the Wall and the TV itself. If not, grab a tape measure and make sure you have an idea before ordering a bracket. There are various different depths of bracket so finding one that’s right for you is not really a problem.

Tilting TV Brackets
These types of bracket give you the flexibility to tilt your TV up and down for a better viewing angle. This is ideal of you want to put your TV above the fireplace for example. Most tilting brackets available offer a 15 degree tilt up and down, 30 degrees in total.

Cantilever TV Brackets
These types of brackets are ideally suited to corner TV installations and installations carried out within a recess on the wall.

A Cantilever arm bracket allows you to pull the TV away from the wall (up to 24″) whilst still providing the functionality of a 15 degree tilt, and a 180 degree swivel left and right. Basically, no matter where you are in the room, with a cantilever bracket you will be able to pull the TV round to your desired viewing angle with no hassle at all.

There is also a range of electronic cantilever mounts available online.  These provide the same functionality as a normal cantilever bracket, however you will also receive a remote control to do it for you!