Why Choose a Cantilever Bracket?

Posted by admin on 28/05/2013

Many people assume that mounting a TV to the wall is only effective if your seating is such that you will be viewing the screen straight on. But why mount it flat to the wall if the layout of your room means that the TV needs to be rotated to allow everyone a good view of the screen? That’s where cantilever brackets come in – these super-strong brackets feature and articulated arm which allows you to pull the TV out into the room and swivel the screen round for the best view, you can even tilt them vertically to get the optimum ‘square on’ view. With a cantilever articulated bracket, the TV comes to you, not the other way round.

If, for example, you are sitting up watching TV and then decide to lay down, with a cantilever bracket, you can position your screen so that it is always at the perfect angle for you. Nowadays, we are investing more and more money in LCD, LED and Plasma TVs - including the latest 3D versions. It only seems logical, therefore, that you would want the best possible view of the screen.

As they are carrying your flatscreen away from the wall, the articulated arm brackets need to be extra strong to cope with the leverage weight. All our brackets are manufactured with arobust steel construction, guaranteeing a sturdy and tireless support which will usually outlast your TV. They don’t age unlike technology, so you can likely use your bracket for the next generation TV too! As you are taking the TV off the stand it will also help to keep the television out of the reach of young children and thus minimising any potential for damage.

A long articulated arm enables you to rotate the TV a full 180 degrees and even have the screen pointing through the doorway so it can be viewed from the next room. This is also perfect for open plan living spaces as you can position your flat screen so you can see it while cooking in the kitchen and then tilt, rotate or swivel it so you can watch it whilst eating or relaxing. It's also ideal for moving around a fireplace and around the chimney breast or other alcoves. However, they can also be pushed back flat and discreet against the wall when not in use.

Corner mounting your TV
These full motion brackets are perfect for corner mounting at a perfect 45 degree angle. Perfect if you want the TV to be functional with dominating the room, freeing up wall space for pictures etc.

Cantilever brackets offer you choice and flexibility. For many, they are the brackets they wish they had purchased in the first place!